Locksmith Restricted & Master Key Systems

Restricted key systems are a convenient, easy to use, high security option that is ideal to maximise your residential, industrial & commercial security. Restricted key systems are most often used for the home, investment properties, businesses & large scale complexes.

There are many benefits of restricted master key systems that everyone should know.

  • Having a restricted master key system in place is the best way to control who has a key in your workplace
  • Eliminates the possibility of duplicate keys being made without authorization
  • Restrict access to staff to certain areas
  • Better security and stronger than ordinary keys
  • High turnover of staff? No need to change the locks every time a staff member leaves if the key is handed back. Total peace of mind.
  • Lost keys? In many instances, if the keys are handed in, your keys can be identified by us using a unique code printed on the key, and we can contact you promptly that your keys have been returned